LOVE PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SM) (Peace & Blessings be upon Him & onto His Family)

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The Prophet Muhammad (SM)(may ALLAH’s peace & blessings be upon Him & onto His Family) is The Ultimate Key to your CREATOR. Know Him well, Fall in Love with Him, Respect Him,  Obey Him, Follow Him, Pray to your CREATOR through Him. He (Prophet MUHAMMAD (SM)) is the Only Door for your Salvation. You have only One option, and that option is The MUHAMMAD (SM).

You don’t have to be a Muslim, Cristian, Hindu or any certain group of religion to follow HIM that is because The CREATOR (ALLAH/GOD)and The Ultimate Creation MUHAMMAD (SM) is for all the Creation that CREATOR (ALLAH/GOD) created. MUHAMMAD (Sallal Lahu Alaihe Wasallam) (SM) is the Blessings for The Entire Creation that existed and exist and will be existing.

Know this that ALLAH/GOD/THE CREATOR is above everything and beyond our knowledge and imagination and MUHAMMAD (SM) is the Crown of The Creation. So, to know your Creator you have to know Muhammad (SM) and to know Muhammad (SM) you have to know yourself. Dive deep to discover big.

Remember that The Prophet Muhammad (SM) (The Prophet of Mercy) is The Messenger of ALLAH/GOD and HIS Servant and The Ultimate Creation of ALLAH/GOD.

To know your Creator, you have to know The Messenger of ALLAH (Prophet Muhammad (SM)). Through Him we are able to get close to Almighty ALLAH. If Muhammad (SM) is happy with us, The Almighty ALLAH will be happy with us.

If Prophet Muhammad (SM) accepts us, ALLAH will accepts us. If He did not, ALLAH wont.

Equation is very simple.

Therefore, My message for you all is that Wherever you are and Whatever you are doing, turn your sacred heart to Prophet Muhammad (SM) with the intention that you desperately need His Guidance within to get Guidance from you Creator for Here and Here After. Prophet Muhammad (SM) holds the key for your Salvation, Success and everything that exist for you (mankind) Earthly and Heavenly.

ALLAH is the Master of The Universe. HE has The Power and Control over everything. HE has Created The Light of Muhammad (SM) (NUR-E-MUHAMMAD) for you (mankind) and He (Muhammad (SM)) is given The Authority over Everything by His Creator. When ALLAH created Muhammad (SM), ALLAH Named HIMself ALLAH and gave HIS Ultimate Creation The Name MUHAMMAD.






The Essence of The Creator is Engraved within The Name


The Essence of The Creation is engraved within The Name


And  then Everything Together, The Perfect Concept of Uniting with The Ultimate Almighty ALLAH through HIS Loved Messenger Muhammad (SM) is


“There is no god but ALLAH, Muhammad is the messenger of ALLAH”

May ALLAH accepts us for Muhammad (SM) and through Him we pray to ALLAH that HE enlightens our heart and inner self. AMEEN